Website Creation Apps

I think there should be a thread where it shows you what apps to use to create a website for a va so I made a thread on it feel free to comment website creators I missed also this is only free ones not paid.

Name - How Difficult- Where To get - Paid/Free
Simdif - Easy - AppStore - Free
Enjin - Hard - Google - Free
Wix- Moderate - Google - Free
Weekly - Not Yet Tried - AppStore - Free

(Also I only have apple devise so if you Andrioid people tell me what you can get on there thanks)


Nice buddy, people can always use Sketch Flight, which supports IF VAs for websites etc.

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Use the Weebly app, I have it and I absolutely love it!

Weebly is simple, quick, and offers a lot for free. They got some great themes also


Weebly on Android is quite unstable

If you happen to be editing something and you tap Publish immediately, the content that you’ve been editing will be reset back to its initial content (aka Revert to Saved)

You must first exit the editing column, then tap on Publish to prevent data loss

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