Website Builders

Hello Community Family and Friends!

I am looking to create my own VA, and have no skill in creating a website for it. I am reaching out for fellow friends that either

  • Have Skill in creating a website, and would be willing to lend a hand
  • Can refer me to somebody that is willing to help
  • Can refer me to a user friendly website to set one up.

The VA is as well looking for staff members, so that the setup process may be sped up.
To apply for a staff position, you MUST be a trust level 2 on the community, and send me a private Message.

With best regards

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That might be helpful:


Thank you @Starley I will look into them

Use weebly. It is free and everyone uses it



You aren’t allowed to create #live:va threads until you are verified as a VA. Whilst I understand it makes it harder to recruit staff to startup, we have this rule in order to keep the category clean.

The work for a setup of VA isn’t too much work if you use something like Weebly/Wix, and you can definitely expand after you open.