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I am currently creating a virtual organization. I need a website and a crew center for my VO. I would like to do both as an internet site. It shouldn’t cost money and be easy to use. Who has an idea who can help me or what I can do?


Have you seen this Creating a phpVMS Crew Center - Part One - Setting up Hosting


Well, I also own a VA, and we went with a cool easy to use style.

We basically made a google form for PiReps and they’re public on the website. BUT, They require a password, and if they don’t know the password (callsign) they can’t file nothing. I mean, it’s easy and simply and free, and IFVARB liked it :).

I am planning on expanding my CC in the future.

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I don’t have a computer, is there any other way?

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That’s a good idea

I make crew centers for people who don’t want or can’t. Fill out the form in my bio if you want one and I’ll get back to you.


For a VA website I used weebly. It’s free to use and works really well. If you want an example look at the website in my profile.

Hello! I’m the CEO of a VA, (Well, I used to be). I used Weebly for my website, it’s easy to use, works, and doesn’t look terrible. I also used Airtable for logging flights. It works great!

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I don´t own a VA, but from the pilot´s view i recommend the PIREP via airtable. The easiest thing i used for PIREP.

Thank you for your help @all

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