Is there a way to add webhook url’s on the IFC?


Yes, like this and then put your link in.

Push that and put your link in.

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Or you can copy and paste a link too.

Thanks. So like this?

Yes. For example, you could do this. This is a link to the Community

Yup, but when I click on your link it gives me a bunch of codes.

And yes @KennedyTurner that’s right :)

Oh, so when you mean by webhooks you mean by custom emojis? If that’s the case, the community doesn’t have them :/.

Ask an administrator of this site such as @schyllberg

I was just informed that you gave me instructions, to a hyperlink, instead of a webhook. I’m trying to link messages to my discord server, which is why I asked for a webhook.

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Oh, just copy and paste a link.

@AlphaSeven feel bad for u ur 1% 😱 😂


Oops, not sure why it showed that. I edited my photo but it showed the non edited one…

Give me a sec.

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Your cell service revealed your location, you might want to flag it.

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Not really, there are many countries with the same service ;)

I flagged it just in case

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@Ondrej I read the article, but I still don’t understand.

@KennedyTurner press on the circled button

It posts the message in Discord. That’s what I want it to do, But I have an automated Webhook, and I’m trying to figure out the way for it to post it.

We don’t support community-created webhooks on the forum right now. Sorry about that!