Web(apps) for IF?

Hi all

Anyone have any ideas for a simple web app that would aid in playing IF, for example a fuel calculator?



Fuel Calculator, I’d say FMC, but that’s not simple.


I’ll be able to do fuel calculator, but there are tons already around

Not a ‘web app’ but may have some links or smething. It is useful


If you’re looking to develop something, how about something like FPL database, where you can create and share FPLs (and if you’re really inventive- find some way to get them direct into IF- app or local client, I don’t think you can directly get to it from a webpage).

You can get nicely JSON formatted, and current IF navdata [here] (GitHub - InfiniteFlightAirportEditing/Navigation: Airport editing has been stopped for the time being due to implementation changes in Infinite Flight)


That’s a good idea, but if you want to build something simple, you could just use Flight Plan Database API to fetch or create flightplans, etc

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