Weaving on the Runway

Whenever I’m landing or taking off my plane starts sliding right or left when I’m on the ground, I’ve tried using the rudder to get the plane on the centerline but it doesn’t seem to work consistently


What speed are you landing at ?

Disable auto-coordination in the general settings and see if that helps.

Disable Auto-coordination in settings.

Auto coordination allows you to steer on the ground using the yoke (tilting your device)

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Check out this video on how to land when there’s a crosswind:


I aim for 140-150 but can be as fast as 160-170 😬

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They key with crosswind landings, as you can see on the video above, is to make the rudder correction before touchdown.


I’ll add that you should make sure you calibrate before taking off and landing, if you haven’t done that.

I usually use AP until 3 miles out, at 140 knots. I usually slow down to 120-130 at touchdown.

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I make sure to do that every time

I’ll try that on my next flight

You need to adjust by aircraft and weight. for the 777 and other heavies 150-160 is good. if you really light in a A320 sized aircraft, you can go as low as 130. the Q400 can land at like 100-90 kns.

I tried that and it doesn’t seem to make a difference

When landing with a crosswind, use Rudder to align the Nose of the aircraft to the runway and bank the aircraft into the wind enough so you won’t draft away. This is what I learn in flight with Cessna 172. This seem not alway work in the game.

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