Weathered Flaps

Hi! I’ve always loved flying planes and one of my favorite part is the satisfying flaps! but i have always wanted to have some planes to have detailed flaps. like the 757 here is a pic!

That would take more part in the livery of the aircraft, which some do include aged and weathering details, and not alot regarding the model of the aircraft.

As much as I wish to see this, as it’s something that is quite good, @DeerCrusher has actually explained the reasons why this isn’t implemented.



They don’t? Dirty planes are less efficient due to more friction and weight as you thought correctly

Nobody said that dirty planes run better than cleaner planes.

Whoops I read wrong…

If you look you’ll see the dirt on the frontier Airbus A320 excluding the “Hugh The Manatee” livery. But yes, as LordWizrack pointed out, I don’t think we’ll be seeing it with the more recent and soon to come releases.

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