Who manages the weather and atis in the regions?

The weather is managed by real time sources (no idea where or how). I think this is a question to forward to the devs

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No need to tag a dev.

Weather comes from the real world and its updated periodically. No one controls it.


Most airports have weather stations. That is sent to Infinite Flight. If the servers read it wrong you get 140 knots winds.

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What about Atis info?

If they add Wellington, you get 140 knot crosswinds without any bugs! ;)


Please don’t tag the developers or moderators for unnecessary reasons.

Okay can we get to the point I was already told.

Are you calling Mother Nature a fantasy? :o

Of course we’ll have it! 😏

Not having Wellington in infinite flight, is like not having sprinkles on your ice cream

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The ice cream tastes good, but the sprinkles make it taste better ;)


That’s IYO since you live there. I was lucky to get my home airport in the New York region.

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