why is there no more weather ? i want to practice my ILS cat 3 approach , but its always sunny

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We only have visibility, wind, and temperatures in Infinite flight. However, clouds are being worked on.

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You can always go in solo to customize your weather conditions


Unfortunately the fog doesn’t work always, but you can search for a airport with very bad visibility in the METAR and hope it is rendered.

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If an airport has a red dot it usually means that there is low visibility. Check on the map for one. I have over 300 hours on infinite flight and have only encountered fog once. Good luck finding some :)


Thanks , i never knew that. I will try ome of these airports . I remember when infinate flight first came out it was “Real Weather” conditions , we need to bring back the fog or the real weather.

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in the beginning KLAX used to always have fog or, cloudy conditions . now its just clear sky’s for novice pilots.

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In live mode, it’s dependent on the real world conditions. For example, the METAR for LAX right now is

KLAX 042053Z 26011KT 10SM FEW028 FEW140 29/17 A2984 RMK AO2 SLP102 T02890167 58009 $

Thus, the simulator will have 10 statue miles (SM) of clear visibility.

When we there was snow storms I always fly in it that’s when there is lots of fog

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