The weather is always clear no matter the true conditions. For example, I was at Andrews AFB at 5:40 P.M. The reported visibility was 3/8 SM but my screen showed almost unlimited visibility. For whatever reason the weather is always clear even when I know it is not and the reported visibility is much less than clear. Any help on getting the correct “picture” of the true conditions? A flight into KABQ was CAVOK even though the METAR reported 2 or 3 miles at the time. How do I get the right representation of visibility and wind?

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Are you on Live or Solo.

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If you are indeed on solo, you can change your weather conditions accordingly. If you are on live and this is happening, check for the green check sign at the top right of your screen to make sure that your weather is working properly. Sometimes when I’m flying in live, I encounter the same problem where my weather just doesn’t show up. It only lasts for like 5-10 min though. :/

I am assuming you are on Live. If you are, you can do a quick test now and spawn at UAAA on any server.

You should see a picture similar to this.

If this doesn’t happen, something’s quite wrong. But you need to spawn now, before the fog’s gone. If you to test it later you can find another low visibility airport here.

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And if its not like that try a app restart, device restart and if all else fails an app reinstall.

Thank you all for the replies. I always fly in live mode. I did spawn at UAAA and it was appropriately foggy and visibility appeared to be as reported. Hopefully, the issue is solved. Thanks for all the suggestions. Your help is much appreciated.

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