hello guys, someone can help me understand why the weather is always the same, I’ve done many flights in the last 2 months, at different times, in real time.
the app tells me what weather is activated but it never changes. I have android 8.
Thank you

Are you flying in the live servers or in solo mode?


in the live server. always. thanks

What are you flying and at what altitude. The live weather is always based on current time no matter the settings or date selected. Winds aloft don’t start picking up til at or above 3,000 AGL. There are some glitches occasionally however as the weather service will go down but that will be indicated in red in the server status.

infinite flight doesn’t have rain or clouds… the only thing that will change is the visibility and winds

edit: and the time of day (of course)

What do You mean by weather like visibility and wind etc.

Generally flights in Colombian skies, skbo, skrg, sksp, also egll, eham, but there are never changes.

What are you expecting to change exactly? Your winds never change? If this is the make sure you clear your device prior to a flight. If that doesn’t do it try a re install of the app. As long as the weather status is green you should be receiving current weather. Which in IF is wind and visibility.

basically I would like to have approximations with visibility 0

Unless these weather conditions are actually happening in real life, you won’t get zero visibility in Infinite Flight.

Ah ok so you are having issues with the visibility. What are your graphics settings? There are some combinations that can cause clear skies when visibility is low. Haven’t quite pinned down the exact cause as typically a restart corrects it.


ok friends reinstall the application and check the configuration … thanks for the interest and have good flights. Thank you


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