Morning/Evening Pilots,
I was wondering how/if you all check on the weather before your fight. If yes, how long before that flight and from were? :)

Yes and from the gate. Should always check the METARs before you move.


Adding to what Trio said, I go to and take a look at the winds before spawning in.


I check it before I even spawn. As soon as I know my departure and destination airport I check the winds using the „Windy“ App.

That helps me to plan an efficient route at a pleasant altitude.

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If you’re inbound I would check the METARs about 30nm to 20nm out from where you are going to start to descend. Then periodically check them by tapping the airport marker, keep in mind though, the time between METAR updates can vary drastically.

Also you should check one or two other airport’s METAR info that are close to the airport you are planning on landing at in case you have to divert.


I usually do quickly check the latest weather data at the gate and on approach by using IF Checklists. It will give you a clean overview of the METAR data for pretty much every airport. The next update of the app (which will come out very soon) will feature even more data. See it for yourself! :)


That’s app is useful. Never saw it in 3rd party.

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