I’m new to posting. I’ve been enjoying infinite flight for a few months now. When it comes to weather I have a few issues.
When I fly on line or fly solo the weather parameters are set automatically, is that supposed to happen? Is there a way to set the weather manually it seems as if every time I fly the weather is set by itself.
As well there are times when visibility is zero. I’ve turned off my iPad restarted my iPad and even uninstalled and reinstalled infinite flight. Any help would be appreciated.

On solo you can set the weather yourself on the pause menu in game. On live it is set automatically based off current real world winds and weather.

No the weather is set automatically on Live + based on real world METAR’s

Weather is set manually only in solo mode. When you are flying in Live, the weather you pick up is the current weather in that area and cannot be changed yourself.

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That is simply “real-world-weather”. Like before global, the weather always corresponds with the current METARS at that specific region. Also about the visibility thing, unless your talking about New Delhi, there’s most likely never gonna be "visibility 0

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Well everyone else has answered your question so I will just welcome you to the world of Infinite Flight and the community here!

if not already done so check out the Tutorials section of the form which will give you some great info as well as hints and tips for you to enjoy your virtual flying experience.

See you in the Virtual skies!

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