When online, I notice that the WX is not correct in what the reality is!
Example: I did a flight from BDL-BOS this Am and the weather showed 1/4 vis, ovc006 / bkn 4000.
When flying I had perfect visabilty thru out. At 1/4 mile I should not see RWY 12 miles out. I check setting on IPhone and was where I wanted it, any suggestions/

because the is bad weather conditions And KBOS lots of fog i live there

I think he’s saying that the way IF depicts weather is inaccurate, not the actual weather. As for your issue, I’m really not sure - I’m guessing here, but it’s probably just slightly inaccurate , however I would wait for somebody else to reply!


Thanks for contacting support!
Some areas don’t currently have the correct weather. Good luck!

I would say this is almost certainly a server-side issue not your fault. This is possibly because during times of high usage, the servers would prioritise distributing terrain and aircraft locations over weather, meaning if server capacity is high it may not be distributing the same weather as the METAR displays. Alternatively, the server may simply be glitching under high load, or all this could be wrong and it could be something completely different.

Just a reminder, fog will only render at lower altitudes (AGL) and not at cruise [I think, I don’t have global, can someone verify?]. Could you confirm weather was also not showing below 5000 AGL?

He said he could see the Rway 12 miles out so he was probably on Final

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You know the green check mark at the top right of your screen? Was weather indicating Green, orange or red connection?