Weather Transitions

The weather seems to change quite dramatically from extreme fog to clear skies sometimes, this looks like it is due to the internet weather service lagging and then suddenly getting the new weather etc, or the game only having certain weather settings. Is it meant to be a smooth transition or something.

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If your internet is lagging/cutting out, it’s prob because new data is being loaded in or it’s repeating the current weather. It never does this for me and is normally pretty smooth. If this is a problem, I’d suggest switching this to a #support thread.

my internet is not lagging but it seems the live server is always like that because of the way it gets weather

Okay. That’s interesting. Normally the weather transitions are smooth on my end.

Yea for me they’re not that bad.

Is the weather server status (in the top right corner) ever orange or red for you, and not green? Or is it all green at all times?

sometimes goes red

Just the weather or all the other things (live server, API etc) go red too?

i think just the weather

This can happen from time to time depending on what the real transition is. This will be improved over time.

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