Weather & time at region

It would be nice to get the actual weather and time for the region you are flying in. Not only wind conditions, but snow, rain, fog, etc. instead of ability to modify these conditions in live, you get the actual conditions for the time and region you are using. 😊


I think it’s a great idea. Hopefully they will get ATC and Live mode where they want it so they can start on other things

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We already get the actual wind and visibility. Only problem I see with using the actual time for airport region is that depending where you live in the world, you would always be flying at night. I play most evenings where I live, but it would always be night time for me in the European regions.


I see your point. I too would be flying at night, most of the time. I just like the idea of every weather condition and time for the region your using. Luckily, there are regions all over the world. Would be nice to fly around weather using radar and actual time.


That is the main argument for why we haven’t implemented time sync… Can only fly in the evening? Live in Europe? Too bad, you can’t fly in Paris when it’s daylight… I don’t think that would work…