Weather stop working

Why when im fliying the weather stop work for hours?

The service provider for IFs weather service must be down. Btw you might want to put this in #support

Welcome to the community btw. If you have any questions feel free to shoot me a PM and ill see if I can help.

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The issue should be resolved as other pointed out in another thread on this matter. Weather is up for me at the moment. Try restarting your device if it still doesn’t work.


When i start fliying its ok, but when it have 3 hours fliying it stop work whit 145 kts at FL340

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This can happen from time to time. Infinite Flight has an external weather provider from what I’m aware, connection dropping out can happen and is usually resolved within an hour or so. It should be working again for your next flight.

This actually sounds pretty normal. If you tap on the green tick on the top right of your screen in IF, and the weather service has a green tick, you’re connected to the service and receiving the weather data. Check on and adjust the altitude on the bar on the right hand side (on a mobile it’s under menu), then tap the area you are flying through on the map. This should confirm whether or not you are getting accurate data.

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Its normal but no when its the same all the flight or nah?

Where were you flying to and from?

Are you saying the winds are always 145kts during cruise? Does this vary with altitude and location of the aircraft? Over what timespan, today, the last few days or weeks, has this happened?

Yes, yesterday i fly londre to dallas and all the flight the speed wind was 145 kts

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And the tick of the weather always be red

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I see. Did you monitor the winds for long? It might have changed throughout the flight. Checking that could have been the case.

But if it is a connection issue, seeing as people are reporting not having the same issue, you might want to restart your router and device then see what happens.

Than you man.

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Actually, I see I’m having this problem now as well. But the green tick just came back on. Have the above steps fixed your issue?

It usually always happens to me, but it happens frequently but not for that long. It doesn’t really do anything to my flight, anyways, so I just don’t pay attention to it, really