Weather so severe shuts off autopilot?

In IF, has anyone ever encountered either turbulence or change in winds so severe that the autopilot turned off (from the extreme attitude)? Where you actually witnessed it?

edit: IRL pilots are trained to avoid areas of severe weather. Since I assume IF pilots might “on occasion” be a bit more daring with weather, I just wondered if your more extreme weather encounters have ever exceeded the autopilot limits? Or if it’s even possible?

edit: The purpose of my question is to understand the interaction between IF, it’s autopilot and the real world weather feed, not to speculate on individual technical issues with unrelated or unknown causes. Thank you.


I believe this has happened before. Although it has not happened to me in my many years of simming.

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I’ve had an instance when I woke up to find my plane had crashed after an erroneous temperature went up to over 2 billion degrees, causing my airspeed to drop to 0, and with that, my autopilot was disconnected and ended up crashing. I believe this was a server-wide issue, with multiple people experiencing this too.


I’ve only seen it happen in solo mode with certain aircraft types when on 5x speed.

Probably the highlight of my IF career… seeing hundreds of disabled aircraft drop from the sky like dead flies.


You have no idea how concerning and confusing it was to wake up to find your plane in the ground, and then everyone else saying that was the case too.


That’s an impressive temperature! That kind of rare glitch makes sense, though not caused by the actual weather feed.

I thought it was only me! I woke up twice last week to crashed flights and was so confused.

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So it’s not only me 😂

At least you have a good excuse!

With all due respect, sir, this was a year ago, so if this was happening frequently in the last 2 weeks, I think we have a bigger issue on our hands.


That’s pretty hilarious

i had the same issue woke up to find my a350 flight had crashed when i looked in the replay my aircraft just completly lost speed while the engines were running and it stalled

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With all due respect, Lord, you never mentioned this as an occurrence from a year ago. I was simply stating what happened to me.

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In the replay, could you see it was caused by wind or turbulence?

not really sure i was flying in a headwind then my aircraft lost all of its lift

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Is this topic reporting an ongoing issue or just a “have this ever happened to you” type of topic?


My feeling is that it doesn’t appear to be an ongoing issue. At least that’s not why I asked the question. My interest was in the degree of weather severity witnessed if one samples enough people. Presumably irl weather phenomena also exist that irl autopilots would be challenged by. It’s more of an “aviation science” curiosity question. I find it particularly interesting because IF gets real weather feeds(?). But me as a single set of eyeballs, I haven’t seen it yet. I was curious about the bigger sample size in asking more people. So I would presume that if there were such severe weather encountered that it shuts off the autopilot, it may indeed be mimicing real life (the irl autopilot). At least roughly. And I’d expect it to be rare.

Guess we gotta report this to IF. This will be an issue. Cuz we will get unwanted violations. I hope they will fix this

It has happened, but is more an exception than a common problem.
I myself never had any trouble with a disengaging Autopilot when everything was set properly, and nor has all of the IF community.
Otherwise this topic would be bulking with people able to reproduce this problem, I think it’s best to see what went wrong on a objective way in the replay before announcing it as an issue that has to be fixed.