Weather simulation!

this photo was taken no more than 10 seconds after the event itself… the whole approach was perfect with TOTAL LOW VISIBILITY… when all of a sudden everything cleared up and I had to make an appr with TOTAL VISIBILITY when it was 0, 20km… having this happened for the second time with low visibility approach, I went to the replay to be able to show the change happening and in the replay the weather was as it should!!!

Does anyone know if this happens to more people?


Hey, I think it’s how the weather is calculated from live weather data and transferred into the app. However the transition is kinda weird sometimes…


Happens all the time. I really dont think it has to do with the live weather reports because it changes far more frequently than reports would be updating.

Maybe the developers could explain weather anomalies not constant with online aviation reporting and looking out the window

I can also imagine it happens within smaller areas with low visibility. The app can’t display real 3d clouds. You can notice it, when you’re flying out of the fog and look back, the fog is gone. I think it is, how the fog is rendered in game.

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