Weather shows red for a period of time

Before you think that this is another weather thing again, I would like to state that the situation I am facing seems to be different.
I was wondering why my weather icon shows red for the entire time and for the past few patterns works I had on TS. They are over an hour or even more apart, and the weather is always shown red for me. I decided to let my aircraft sit and see if the system comes back, but the weather icon only resumed for a few seconds then turn to red again. I have asked my VA and the pilots don’t seem to be experiencing the same issues as me.

Device: iPad 6th generation, latest version of iOS 12

Any help would be much appreciated

iOS Aviator

I have a problem to thing turns red I check it and it’s the global sever here is a picimage

My suggestion is to restart the app for you

I believe I am experiencing a different issue here. I am referring to the weather service, not the Global Server.

Restarted the app two times already.

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When this issue happens again, can you please click on the red circle ? It normally shows why it is red.


According to the Support FAQ, you should turn on Flight mode for 30 seconds and switch that off. If not, this may have become an issue.

Attempt to delete the app, and redownload it from the App Store. Should fix anything

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He is correct. You should do this first, then if it doesn’t work restart your device, if it still doesn’t work then follow Brandon_CC’s recommendation:

Otherwise, email the infinite flight support team for further assistance.

I’m open to constructive criticism if anyone feels like there is something wrong with the current information being provided.

I just ignore it. I always can check the winds at the bottom bar so I should be good.

Not all of us, remember. Some of us prefer being realistic, and some of us are stuck at high or low winds. 😉

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