Weather setting

Hi, I have got a question.
How does the weather works? Does it generate itself- like cloud coverage, winds etc. or do I have to set it up?
I have got the 12months subscription.
thank you!


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Live weather is actual weather but there is no effects of rain. I’m in Sydney so if I fly on live there would be a low visibility and a bit of winds.

Real world data about weather is obtained and if I’m not wrong the weather on live gets updated every 10 to 15 minutes.

Not yet anyway.

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Hope they add them, Man! It would be awesome if they added cloud also they should add storm in advanced servers

The weather in Infinite Flight is based off of METAR, or Meteorological Aerodrome Report, which you can learn to read [here] ( It is a standard way for airports to report weather, once an hour, unless an unscheduled report is issued due to a dramatic change in weather. The drawback to this system is that the weather at 40,000 feet is the same as on the ground below. This means that 100+ kt winds are impossible. The weather tab of an airport shows the METAR, and some also show a TAF, or Terminal Aerodrome Forecast. This follows roughly the same format as METAR, but you can learn the differences [here] ( Not all airports produce this report, hence some smaller airports in Infinite Flight do not have weather. Hope this helps.

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