Weather servers down

Across the Atlantic bound to LHR on the training server, winds are at a constant 337 degrees at 13 knots, anyone having the same issue?

Hey! Check out the following quote from the FAQs, let me know if you need any more help!

This issue is usually only temporary and resolves itself after a while. If it remains for a longer time period, turning on “Flight mode” on your device for 30 seconds could resolve the issue.

Turned on airplane mode for 30 seconds before reconnecting, doesn’t seem to work for me… It’s been red since departure from JFK.

I see, give me a second to check it out.

How long have you been flying? This is often an issue with NOAA’s API which causes IF to receive corrupt data every now and then, hence, the stuck winds. Infinite Flight resets this every few hours so I think everyone is also facing this.

Give or take, since 3-4 hours. I’m ETA 1hr 54m from landing at Heathrow.

Then that’s borderline, I guess. I’m assuming the post above highlighted the issue and that it’s nothing more.

Mine is down now

Give it time. Weather updates at the top of the hour so give it 9 min or so.

FDS’s reliability record hasn’t been the best since the last update. Let’s hope the next patch get’s a decent beta test.
Fancy stuff < Stability

These server issues are completely unrelated to any updates. So these things are not related at all to the last update I’m afraid.

It would be easier if it were :)


Good, so fixing server issues first. Then Updates with new features, once the app works properly again. (:

As mentioned many times, one thing does not necessarily exclude the other :)

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