Weather Servers Down?

Tried to do a flight and the weather is just saying ‘weather data unavailable’ this is on all 3 servers in from what I can see all airports.


Yep I’m getting the same message here. I’m sure this is being looked into, don’t worry!

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Known issue I believe, and it will be fixed soon. Hamg on tight, the Devs are doing everything in there power to fix it, im sure of it.

Ah cool! I’ve just logged on for the first time in 48hrs so didn’t know! Cheers

Known issue.
The weather still works only you can’t see metar…


It’s the METARS that are down. The weather is still fine.
This is a known issue and hopefully will be fixed soon!

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Thanks guys! Sorry to cause a duplicate topic!
Take it easy and happy new year!

METAR doesn’t work. You should check your destination airport METAR on internet to choose the appropriate runway for landing.

It’s been a touch and go for me. It will work but then stop.

This has happened a number of times before it’s becauase IF uses external data to get it and there can be a “hiccup” so it should be back and running soon.

It happens from time to time. Usually resolves itself at some point.