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I’m currently doing a flight to OJAI on board new 777-300ER… Winds are fluctuating aggressively which make my throttle unstable and reaches down to 0 power at FL380… Now the weather is red… Is there any problems with the weather server?!

I thinks this happens when the weather is updated (the throttle idle) it happned some time ago to me

Thanks for your reply… The wind speeds were fluctuating abd suddenly the throttle dropped to idle… Hope ever will be fine upon arrival

But im not sure, i have the weather dot red for some reason

Yea mines jumping like crazy

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It’s called turbulence :)

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@schyllberg Yea i have a good experience with turbulence but never had an idle power with it… This behavior has accompanied by a red weather server exclamation mark… That’s why i asked about the server situation…

Now the weather server mark is red…

You could very well be right. It’s been acting up a lot lately and we have some work in progress there.

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My landing will be difficult so😮🙄

Can confirm issue. I took a video of it as well. Issue seems to be that when the weather server updates, the winds do not remain at the same speed. For example my flight is currently in Texas at FL340. I have a tailwind of 80-90kts. When the server updates, the winds drop to zero and return to normal when the server comes back up, I do not expect to see an issue on landing, as the wind component at lower altitudes should be much lower.

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@Matt_McMurtry Welcome to the community… hope everything will get better… Currently the server is getting stable

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