Weather Server

The weather server has been red since an hour and half… Is there a problem with it?

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Did you check your WiFi? It isn’t down for me

Hmm, I had issues with it too when I was controlling.

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Wifi working good… All other servers are working perfectly… I’m going to land in 10 minutes with 30 knots

I’m getting orange now, flickering to red, maybe it’s down?

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Seems yes… This issue has been there for more than an hour now


Seems like it haven’t updated for a while.
Looking into it!


Should be restored shortly!


Thanks a lot

Fixed on my end as well, thank you @schyllberg!

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Are you good now as well, @Crown.plane?

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hey,the weather is still turn red and green,red,and greeen

Yes, I just reset my WiFi as well, still showing weather as red.

EDIT: Weather is flashing between Red and Green now.

Same over here.


I’m seeing the same. Trying to figure it out.


My weather goes green and red the whole time.

This is not only today, its from 4 days ago

No, it started around 13:00Z based on what i see.

Just to let you know Seb it works for me now :)

Tyler who?

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