Weather Server

Are there any problems with the weather server right now?! Cause it turns red on my side

Probably just the regular corrupt data which resolve itself on top of the hour, given it’s not only you?

Okay I don’t think we need to start a giant Thread about this. This is very common and is usually resolved within a few minutes or hours. I would just wait and see

So unfortunately i have to quit my flight before 11 minutes of arrival cause it’s impossible to land with 90 knots


I’m also having issues with the winds.

Rebooting now, since it’s 35 minutes until it resolves automatically otherwise.
No promises it’ll work though. It sometimes don’t.


I just wanted to know if it’s only me or it’s a general problem cause I’m minutes from landing… The devs can close the topic whenever they want

Unfortunately i quit the flight… Thanks

All good, I wasn’t trying to insult you or be rude,just over the past few days there have been some minor issues that got blown out of proportion and I just didn’t want that staff to deal with that again. Sorry I wasn’t trying to offend you my bad

Well, it helped. All green now.


I understand that, I’m just saying over the past three years of playing this simulator I don’t even blink an eye anymore it’s the weather is down for a little while because I know it always comes back. I was just trying to voice that but I guess I didn’t say it effectively. I’m sorry

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Never mind… May be lack of voice tone makes us sometimes misunderstand others… That’s also one of the reasons why i’ve made a topic cause i was afraid the the problem would be other than the known corrupt data… Unfortunately i quit my flight minutes before landing…

It’s fine. I didn’t see your second message so that’s my bad.

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