Weather server

Pretty sure it’s the same as usual. Giving it 3 minutes :)


Wether and live go down for me all the time. I do for no reason get kicked of live.


Back up for me


If you do have weather server problems I believe, if you haven’t already progressed with your flight or got that far: Exit and remove the app from the background, disconnect and reconnect to the Wi-Fi, rejoin Infinite Flight & press ‘Fly Online’, join a server and you’ll see the weather aloft connection to be gone (you may have to do this a few times, or even restart your device, but thus worked for me on first try). Or as some people might be saying, just to wait until the weather comes back to normal.


Usually it’s not necessary and nothing like that will help.

This is because the outage is caused by a corrupted source file. We renew that on top of the hour, every hour. So if it’s down, the best option is to wait until the top of the hour first. If that doesn’t help, you may start to poke around. But I’m usually already on it bu then since people brings it up every time it happens :)


Oh alright.

NOAA made some major changes to their API a while back, since then we’re limping a bit on the weather server pending some infrastructure changes that needs to be made to implement these things correctly :)