Weather server status?

I can’t seem to connect to the weather server on IF Live. I’m flying on Expert, and I’m sitting next to my internet router, so I have a good internet connection. It was fine earlier and then it just cut off. If I don’t get weather updates back I will be landing at Zurich in 30 knot winds. I just want to know if this is a server issue, or if it’s an issue at my end. Thanks.

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I believe it’s a server issue connecting to the weather service, I’m having this issue too. It should be back soon.


Its not just you, I lost connection to the Weather server too

Give it some time the weather does this offen it will reconnect.

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Yeah even I’m facing the same issue. So I guess it’s for everyone

Thank goodness for that. I was worried for a moment. Hopefully it’ll be back online before my landing in Zurich, I’ve got over an hour to go still.

Thanks for the fast replies. This can be closed now.