Weather Server Down?

Yeah I Know usually it resets every half an hour, hear me out!
I’m experiencing an issue with the weather server for almost an hour now. Maybe someone is having the same issue?
Thanks in advance!


Yep, lots of people seem to be having the same issue. Please remember that the weather is provided by an external company, and thus is not down to Infinite Flight. You’ll just have to wait.

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It seens to be down. Give it about 15 minutes so it can re-send the new weather data (it does every o’ clock). Hopefully it can work again.

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No I’m not saying it is anyone’s fault, I was just wondering if anyone has noticed similar problems!

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It’s on top of the hour, not every half. So in 15 minutes give or take it will most likely be fine.

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Gonna fly holdings then :) thanks!

Didn’t knew that. Thanks!

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Yeah, I am having the same problem. I am stuck on 67 knots of wind and nearing my destination so I hope that the weather does come back soon.

If the weather is down the wind should reduce to what the airport weather says in the map on very short final. It’s a pain to deal with.

Jep I was just approaching with a 52knts Crosswind. Gonna fly holdings until top of the hour, hopefully it will provide new data then!

Let’s hope it comes back soon!

It’s back, closing the threat. Thanks everyone.

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It has just come back! Server resets every hour

Told ya ;)