Weather reporting not accurate

Sky vector is reporting 900 ft ceilings at New Haven, and 700 feet at Oxnard. IF is reporting CAVOK. Is there a server problem with weather?

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Why is the support question labeled French? This is not French 🙂

We Frenchmen like New Haven very much. In French, it it Nuex Haven… LOL

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Are you talking about New Haven, CT?

Yep. KHVN. Airport.

La catégorie #support:francais est pour les problèmes dont la réponse est voulue francophone


Yes this category is only for French speaking topic/users and about problems with the app.

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I just clicked support, and entered the report. How that happened is beyond my concern.


To answer your question, weather on IF is updated more often than the metar on sky vector

Can’t speak for SkyVector since there’s no WX data for that airport on their website, but ours have been reporting correctly from what i can tell.

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Yes there is. One has to mouse over the airport and wait.

Ok… except that skyvector allows meatspace pilots to get weather briefings and file actual FAA flight plans. Its not just an advisory site.

So you are telling me the weather data on skyvector is updated every minutes or so?

Listen, if you don’t like the answer just say it. No one else’s time will be wasted this way.

I think this is the crux of the issue here:

I don’t think it’s either.

I think @Kelly_EM might have been looking at a METAR from one point in time, while the app was at a METAR from another point in time :)

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