Weather Questions

Two questions (for developpers?) about the wheather:

  1. Turbulence appear to be very realistically included in IF, but I cannot find any worldwide mapping of turbulences. How do you do it and where could I have a turbulence map?

  2. How are you going to isolate Cirrus only to render them as again, I cannot find any tool to visualize them on a map?

Many thanks in advance!


turbulence is found in IF according to the realworld weather that we have in game. if you wish to fly in turbulent weather then you can use real world weather and data maps to look for this on the planet then select that area in Infinite Flight.

Im unsure what you are asking about the Cirrus, so i will let you ask that again in a different way as it doesnt make sense what your trying to ask. sorry.




Well, thank you, but you did not answer my first point: where do you find the real wheather turbulences, not wind!
As for point 2, Cirrus are coming, and I cannot find cirrus clouds only mapping (pure curiosity here).

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typically you will find turbulence with gusty winds over mountainous areas as its the mountains that cause the unsettledness of the air for turbulence.

i dont think there will be mapping of the clouds for now until the Devs are able to implement project metal which will bring about the ability to add new features and so the possiblity of mapping clouds may come with that but it is unknown.


What I’d assume is that they have proper variables to create an estimate of the turbulence at that location with other information which contributes to the turbulence in the area to ultimately again, create an estimate. That’s what I’d assume they would do if there’s no actual source of it as they have information on other stuff that contributes to it. Just know this is what I think and this is not 100 percent accurate.

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For me I would would just look at the aircraft and if it’s tilting back and forth or moving up and down like it’s vibrating I would say it’s a turbulence. If IF add clouds and weather map that would be cool.

Since the game uses real time weather Use “” it’s a website and app and it tell you how strong the wind and it tell you the wind directions. Some moderator suggested this app I dont remember when.

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Last comment I forgot to tell you Live Server Only uses real time Wind and Fog. Future they might add rains and clouds.

There’s even an app on the app store that you can use

Whenever I fly over the Pacific. I find I can get pretty harsh winds and turbulence. Every flight I’ve done across the Pacific I’ve always met strong winds. You could fly there. Good for long hauls too

lets see what new update brings to us

Another website for turbulence:

Thank you all for your input.

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