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Is enroute weather now just based off the weather at your departure airport? Since the update I’ve done two ULH flights departing from airports experiencing IMC. In both cases, the fog seemed to stay for essentially the entire flight, even while flying in areas where the airports were reporting VFR. This first occurred when I did a flight from KEWR to YPPH and just now on a flight from VOBL to KSFO. So after landing I decided to test it:

Here’s an image I took about half an hour before landing at KSFO from VOBL (which was IFR when I departed):

Immediately after landing I started a new flight and took a picture at the same location:

So it looks like the weather you experience at a specific location depends on where you came from originally. Is this accurate? Basically two aircraft could be flying next to each other but experiencing completely different visibilities. Or is this just a glitch with the weather server?

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Weather can sometimes take a few minutes to load up. And also fog in particular, I’ve noticed, shows best closer to the ground. So you might have hit a point where the server hadn’t loaded the weather just yet, and by the time it did, you were too high to see the fog.

Also, the marine layer in California does burn off pretty quick as it gets later in the day, from personal IRL experience.

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As far as I’ve experienced, no. Weather is real-time, mostly. There could be some lags, but I don’t think it’s that severe.

This had been the case for me as well until this update. I encourage you to try a flight from an airport in IMC now. You’ll find that the fog (which now forms a cloud layer below which is an awesome improvement) stays for basically the whole flight.

The big difference is that now we are dealing with weather that’s visible in cruise. That wasn’t possible until this update. My guess is that they are setting the departure wx as the default for the flight. So you experience IMC until you encounter something else at your destination airport.

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They’ve had that for a few updates now. It’s just always seems to be a bit glitchy. The fog would roll in and then roll back out. I’ve found that it’s gotten better in this update which might be what your noticing. But yeah, as said above the weather is real time, just a bit glitchy at times. I don’t believe it depends on what airport you started at. I believe the weather updated in between your flights.

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So instead of defaulting to VFR like it used to, it now defaults to the departure conditions. How can it be real time if two aircraft are experiencing different conditions at the same location?

Hmmm, interesting. I’ve never had that issue for IMC…it’s turned clear whenever I’ve gotten VFR conditions.
Weather can definitely be glitchy though. I’ll try some experiments again.

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The best way to demonstrate this would be to organize a formation flight where one aircraft departed from a VFR airport and the other from IMC. I think you’ll see that the weather depends on your starting location. So forget about real time, it’s not even consistent between aircraft.

is it just me or does all of mexico, cuba, parts of brasil and some southern U.S. airports not have active weather on the map?

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I think I’m experiencing this now. Currently in a flight from LEMD to ZBAA the weather at Madrid showed that the visibility was 0nm and no wind, however no fog and the conditions were clear. The fog first showed a few thousand feet above Madrid, now I’m over northern Europe and the fog is still showing at FL360

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