Weather question

I just did a flight and at landing (in a cirrus…) the wind was going from 68kts to 38kts. It was really hard, because it was constantly changing in less than a second. The metar didn’t correspond to that.

Is there any way to avoid that other than divert?
Like waiting a few minutes or something like that…



This could be a connection problem. Have you checked your connection? If the issue persists reinstall the app ;)

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The METAR is more at the ground level. I have seen this a few times where inbound to an airport just outside the range is different winds. As I get close it slowly starts to match what it said.

For example, flying into DFW was 4kt winds. About 7 miles out I had 40kt winds not really that far off the ground. As I got close the winds got less and less. By the time I was at the airport the winds matched the METAR.


The fault is for both the metar not matching and the wind going crazy or only for one of the problems?

I can understand that, although it shouldn’t go from 38 to 67 and back to 38 ten times every second. No?

Some of that is just what the METAR service reports. Its not perfect 100% of the time.

I think he’s referring to the winds, not the METAR. He is asking if the winds should fluctuate that much.

It also says Gusts up to 29

It’s just weird. Also those jumps in speed make me stall and then over speed stall over speed and so forth.

In that case, yes. It’s called wind gusts. It is incredibly annoying but it is not out of the norm

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I know, but it doesn’t explain the fast fluctuations…

Wind gusts are constantly fluctuating winds

I do lots of sailing competitions and trust me those weren’t like gusts I ever saw. They were really fluctuating too much and to fast.

In the METAR winds were blowing 250° at 20kn. Then it says gusting to 29. This means that it can randomly spike to 29kn

I had filmed the landing and those screenshots are from the film. I only moved on image from one to the other…


I can confirm I had a similar problem last night, winds and fog alike were fluctuating at PADK. Must be a METAR problem

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To be fair, you were also landing on an orange runway which can mean fluctuating wind gusts

Correction green. But my altitude was wrong I owe you that.
Runway 20 was orange not 29

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Sorry it was hard to tell from the picture 😂

Hey @Captain_Zen metar is an observation at a given time, and what you read about your hud is the wind condition existing at that time. The metar reports the presence of gusts on the ground.