Weather problems

Hello everybody,
Today I recognize a problem with the wind during my longhaul. For hours I had constantly 72 knots tailwind from the same direction.
My mates who joined me on the long haul had completely different conditions as I had . Same altitude, same route but different wind . I know when the weather server disappears, the weather is „ frozen“
But i was connected
The picture was on short final
I had really problems on the approach to control the speed with 70 knots tailwind / side and headwind.
And below 1700/1800 feet everything was normal again. It’s the first time that I see such a thing with a connected weather server

Expert sever
23:00-8:00 Zulu


Yeah would be nice to get an information about that i had the same problem some Weeks ago but luckly with just 60knts Crosswind 😅

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72 knots Crosswind on right base is really lovely

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