Weather Problems

When I fly on solo and sometimes multiplayer, I get some intense wind conditions. I was taxiing at CYOW, KJFK and LSZH, and there was 70+ knots of wind. I don’t remember the last time Ottawa had 76 Knots coming from the south. But it is there anything I could do to solve this.


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The game also says that the weather condition is good

This is called live winds if it is like that in real life it is like that there in the sim, now it could also be a glitch.

Do you the winds in the game are the same that in real live. Because right now in Ottawa it is barely blowing 5 kts.

In solo, you can adjust wind velocity in the weather menu. In live, check or the windy app to see what wind conditions are like. Remember, IF live used real life weather data in the game.

Then it could be a glitch with the weather station reporting the weather to the sim or some discrepancy somewhere

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Oh ok thanks. Didn’t really think about that

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