Weather problem.

My weather is disconnecting every 5 seconds and then connecting back. (Weather tick at the top right corner) My internet connection is very good. Does anybody know why?

The red “!” where weather is, just means that the weather isn’t in good condition I believe.

Yeah. But its weired that it is keep connecting and dissconnecting…

getting the same problem

Yeah its weired.

Where are you experiencing this problem?

Are you airborne, on ground, etc?

I seen the connection to winds aloft and weather changing intermittently during my flight as well. This happens from time to time but I will mention something to Seb.

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Im getting it around KLAX

Flying from KORD-EGLL and it is keep doing it from time i stared this flight.

Okay thanks.

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Just an update: The devs are aware but don’t be alarmed. You should be able to continue on with your flying journeys and plans for the day.

Okay thank you!

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