Weather problem in New Hampshire

Hi I would like to inform you that I think the live weather is off for the area around Laconia New Hampshire it’s cuffently raining hard and the visibility is low (3 miles) but on infinite flight it shows that the visibility is 32 km is there a solution?


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Hey there!

(lovely landscape btw, i’ve always wanted to go to New Hampshire)

Are you on Solo or Live? If you’re on solo live weather doesn’t occur.

I am on live training server 2

I see. Try going into settings and tapping ‘clear scenery cache’. It may fix the problem.

Ok thank you for helping me I will do that

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An app or device restart may help as well, I don’t really know.

This has nothing to do with the weather. At all.

@SPB2727_Skyteam - are the airport reporting METAR anywhere else? (Google METAR + airports ICAO)


Alright thanks for the info. I said it may help, as I wasn’t sure.

Both seem to be the same I compared the one on infinite flight and the one in real life

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Then the airport haven’t reported any new METAR, not much we can do about that I’m afraid :)

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Oh ok it also said on the web sight it was last updated 49 minutes ago so that also might effect it

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