weather problem again?

Hey, I just want to know if anyone has problems with loading weather data?

I have green checkmark but no sign of new weather data loaded or there is some bug not showing weather on the airports?
I am on iPad Pro 9.7, iOS 11.2,


it says N/A, no info at all

Yeah I see myself, that’s not normal at all. Hopefully it gets resolved soon. What server is it not working on for you?

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I tried expert and TS and on both it’s not working

I’m having the same issues. weather for some reason is not loading anymore and currently it keeps going in and out

I had the same problem and I was controlling on expert so I really needed to know wich runway to use.
Unfortunately the only thing to do is wait.

Is it just at EHAM or other airports as well?

I’m getting it over the US as well

It’s everywhere on all servers.

I tried LKPR and no weather at all and can’t see on any nearby airports

Odd. I just spawned briefly at LGA and i got weather.

Remember when you gave me the advice for the weather when I was controlling in turkey…
I think it’s all over the world.
Thanks btw

That was several hours ago. Shouldn’t be the same…

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Suppose. It has been coming and going tough lately

All I know is that I did an overnight flight from Dubai to JFK and when i got to JFK, the weather had an issue and I had to land with a 58kt crosswind. Now I’m trying to fly again (couple days later) and I’m not getting any weather…

For me the weather works but it’s not showing up on the airport weather page

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I spawned at different airports around the world and no weather at all

although I am getting red exclamation mark but in a second it goes green checkmark again

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no I think it is working but you can’t get any info on it in the game. you pretty much have to fly blind

Same in Bangledesh.No wx.

hey, I noticed as @Chatta290 says, I have weather in cockpit in hud, but weather on the map is not showing