Weather over the Atlantic

I’m currently facing a 155 kt tailwind over the Atlantic, and it’s bucking the plane like a bull! Is weather like this common along the Atlantic jet routes?

You may find that in here

Most likely just Hurricane Ian.
@Aviation_Jerry posted you a thread where you may follow what happened.

I thought Hurricane Ian was closer to Florida and the Caribbean? I’m nowhere near that.

It does depend, seeing that this is a powerful Hurricane, it might bring winds into it self, just tell me where you are in the Atlantic and I will find out.

I just entered Jet Route U, currently on the second waypoint.

My callsign is American 104 Heavy

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Then it’s just extreme winds.

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ah. Is that common over the Atlantic?

It depends on the weather


Try using this. The altitude slider (near) the bottom right can give a pretty good indication of live wind patterns.

This is normal and I forgot what its called but it pushes down and makes the midwest extremly cold

The jet stream.

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