Weather Outage


I’m flying a group flight right now and we notice that there is a problem with the weather. Everything else works, just the weather has a red explanation mark. Is this happening for everyone else too?


-Cpt. Young

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Yeah everyone on the Spirit group flight doesn’t have their weather working.

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I was landing at JFK 10nm from the runway I had 130 Knot winds, pretty cool if you ask me


Bruh what 😂

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I have 4 green on the top right, but I see 3/4ths of airports that should have a METAR do not currently have one in IF.

Landed with an 83 kt crosswind in Charlotte

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Have a gander


holy… that’s crazy!

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It was crazy I tell ya

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Lol I saw that

Someone was flying at 200ias and 77kts Ground speed


Now working for me, weather red at 0knots for a while

Lol that happened to me time ago with a crj700. It was imposible to land

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bro i just got a speed violation cause the weather updated!😭

Update: Weather came back and bc I was going really fast I almost got a speed violation…


I would contact @moderators if you think it’s a mistake

it’s a level one though 😭

You might be able to still appeal it. Don’t worry bro

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METARs still not back for me

I’ve seen mods appeal level 1s before


Same happened to me… had to pitch up and climb 10,000 feet so I didn’t get a vio lol

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