Weather on Training/Casual

Hello, IF so I’m currently flying and I’ve noticed the weather is crazy everywhere can’t keep the plane stable idk if this is the weather and is it just happening to me?

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Hey you’re in the wrong category this is #support 🤗 not general

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Another good note is the wing flex is crazy bouncing and it won’t stop no matter what ALT I go to

Where are you currently flying?

I can check the weather of the region.

Airspeed 250KT

ALT-38,000 MSL

HDG 25•M

Yoke-Small tilts left and right

VS 50 to -11 a lot

Fuel 46%

Load 52 195,027 POUNDS

winds 255• 44Kts


Currently flying from LAX to Winnipeg Canada left LAX 15 min ago

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like @Henrik003 said this topic is in the wrong category. This is exposed to be in #support. To do this you can edit your topic by clicking on the pencil on the bottom right corner of your post. Then go to the top left corner where it says #general. You can change it to #support!

Hopes this helps!

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I just checked SkyVector (What I use when flying In real life) SoCal is having some severe turbulence. This is realistic and should lighten up towards Nevada.

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Green is turbulence.

Ok! I’m almost there the problem is I’m at 42,000 feet and it’s still happening

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idk if climbing will help

Also what’s the diffrent colors

For right now there’s not much you can do but keep your fasten seat belt sign on. This should get better soon though.

Yea my yoke keeps having a small movement to side to side

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Ok thanks! I’ll respond if it ends up getting smooth

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try calibrating your device

Here is the color key.

There are no known issues at the moment. It sounds like what you are seeing matches the turbulence being reporting by the various services. Keep in mind this is not real-time and may have a delay once updated.

If you are still rocking you may want to check your speed and configuration to make sure everything is in order. When the winds are crazy certain headings offset to the winds will cause fluctuations. Seatbelts on!

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Thanks! It did do this yesterday so it may be my device??

On solo it works fine when you turn the weather down btw…