Weather not working

Me too! It did drop a little bit above the runway, though.

Little bit of rudder and a little throttle and your golden! Was a nice flight!

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Still working on it. Doing some things that might affect the METAR’s now too.


It’s not working for me either. I’m flying from HDAM - HHAS. Doesn’t effect me tho…

Made a safe landing in Newark! Well I did not really land, I more just set down on the runway with how strong the winds were 😂

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I have about 2 hours in-route to Houston. Hopefully things settle down by then. It’s odd because I just took off from DTW on the 717 and the winds were only 11kts gusting 17 but up at altitude it’s VERY bumpy. Hopefully things calm down on the descent to IAH. Plus, today is my first day flying the 717 in quite some time! Landed very well in DTW but we’ll see about this one in IAH!

Yes I am being affected too. Thank goodness I have a 8 knot headwind.

welp it’s still broken lol

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It will be fixed. Just be patient.

Atleast this is only a weather issue.

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I’m sure there was at least one heart attack and a few soiled undergarments 🤣

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My is the same Curtis

How did you save a landing like that?

Not having much luck with Winds Aloft. Starting to think the issue is located at the source from where we are getting our data. METAR seems to be fine, which is running on the same server as the winds aloft… And nothing I’ve done so far have helped.

But, we’ll keep investigating!


Maybe that’s why they call him FLARE! 😆 That’s my IF homie, though. I normally don’t pay attention to what others are doing in flight.


Did he crash? Never saw him after… that.

No, he survived and dipped out afterwards. It’s a miracle!

Watch the replay. He held that position for a good couple of seconds!


Wow, that is indeed.


If I takeoff right now and the winds are 7 knots will that stay at 7 knots throughout the whole flight?

Yup looks like it for sure, might want to get the maintenance team to take a look at the landing gear lol

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I am descending into TNCM. Hoping it goes well😬 I have 40kts crosswind currently