Weather not working

i guess screaming at the app in slack channels is the solution to it haha

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It just coughed a bit. Nothing to worry about.


Still on and off. But basically fixed ;)

and crap mine’s out yet again

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Mine too, now I have to land in 109 knot right headwinds. 😢

Weather has gone again 😫

This is happening to me, I just took off from CYWG heading to CYUL and I have a red icon also.

Same weather is down. Flying in California atm. Lol typical California

It’s more exciting this way, don’t you think? ;)

(Looking into it)


I thought I would create a new topic since this is for the old problem

No need to

No need for a new topic. The issue is the same.


Ah ok all good then

And it’s back up :) Right?


that would be affirmed


We’re pulling the winds aloft data on top of the hour. Random guess is that something timed out and it just fixed itself now when it pulled new data. Going to look at the logs.


Yep back up went from a 41knt tailwind to a 51knts tail wind in less than a second

Yes, Thank you… now I don’t have too land in 109 knot winds…!

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Okay, there was something fishy going on in the file we received for the previous hour which did not occur in the latest one. So we’re all good :)

If this happens again, just wait until the top of the hour and hopefully it restores itself. We’re working on a more permanent solution to be deployed asap.