Weather not working

Currently on my systems status bar, the weather shows a red error icon. This has happened many times in the past however I’m just wanting to know if this is just my device or if it isn’t working across all devices. I’ve already deleted and redownloaded the app as well as turned my wifi on and off. Is the weather showing it’s not working for anyone else too? I would rather figure things out on the ground than in the air.

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it’s working but the icon is messed up. SFO is showing wind gusts and it is being reflected but the icon is still red for unbeknownst reasons

Im having weather issues on mine as well


That helps a lot. Thank you!

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“My connection to the Weather server is red”.

This issue is usually only temporary and resolves itself after a while. If it remains for a longer time period, turning on “Flight mode” on your device for 30 seconds could resolve the issue. If it still remains red and could become a problem for your during your flight, feel free to post a topic in #support or send a private message to @support for further assistance.

Found on: Support FAQ 2019 - Please read this before posting!

  • It does happen quite often and this is a connection related issue. This happens quite commonly to most of us. I have suffered this issue too. I also have this message named “Winds aloft Weather Connection” which informs you for a reconnection to the Live METARS. But really it usually works fine even if I am approaching into an Airport.

No, it’s a global problem. The issue is around the whole globe. I spawned at many airports around the world and the weather connection was failed.


Its happening to me too, i think its more general

It happens to me too sometimes. It’s quite random actually. Although I’m noticing that the winds are still accurate enough to what is happening in real life.


Hold on and let me check what’s going on :)


Will do! Thank you!


Me, @Patrick305, @FLARE911, and @Voyager456 are approaching RJTT and there’s a 76 knot tailwind.

It’s a bit stubborn, METAR seems to be okay but the Winds aloft doesn’t want to. I’ll keep poking around.

@Altaria55 - not sure what you want me to do with that information?

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It’s been the same winds since cruise. And I’m at 3,000 feet. The weather icon is red.

Yes. As the Winds aloft connection is down it won’t update until it refreshes based on a METAR.


Okay, thanks. This 76kt crosswind landing won’t be fun.


So I guess I will just take off and hope that in 2 hours and 30 mins everything will be back

Good thing i was stuck with 7 knots


Lucky, I got stuck with 75 knots. Making the approach into KEWR right now. fingers crossed…


Hahaha. Good luck! Tell us how it goes!

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Landed safe with 77kt crosswind 💪