weather not working

the weather ain’t updating for me. I’m doing a flight rn and my live server works fine. This happens a lot and it starting to annoy me

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Do you mind adding some more detail?

  • Device
  • Screenshots?
  • More in-depth detail

Thanks if you can share this, and I hope to help you out with this.

I’ll make a screenshot when I’ve landed, I’m writing this via my other phone. There’s this red exclamation mark behind weather and the wind has been stuck on 81 knots 291m for like an hour.

Device is an iPhone 6s btw

Yeah same thing was happening to me, everything was green except the weather

Which server is this on?

Training for me

Training for me as well

Was it always like this?

METAR is known for acting up sometimes. Activate Airplane Mode on your device for 5 seconds then turn it off. Reconnect to the WiFi immediately after. I also recommend restarting your router.

This could also be a server issue. If anything, you guys will have to wait it out.

I have a feeling it is a server issue, as multiple people are now experiencing this.

Yea but if I restart my router I might be disconnected from the live server as well and the live server is green for me

I just spawned in at KLAX on the training server and its working just fine.


It just turned back green for me. I think it just fixed itself.

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Weird. Still not working for me, live server is.

What you could do is put your device in airplane mode for 10 seconds or so, and then turn off airplane mode. Might refresh for you that way. Don’t do this if you’re in contact with ATC.


That helped! Thank u and @anon7075715 too.

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Happy to help! And special thanks to @DeerCrusher for the assist ;)

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