Weather not Working? (Training server Global)

Weather doesn’t seem to be working fully on The global training server. I’m getting correct winds but that’s about it. (I.e no cloud cover and visibility is always high) tried multiple different airports with varying forecasts. Anyone else having the same problem?

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Best thing to do is to restart your device wait about an hour then retry. This has happened to me and now it works hope this helped.

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Thankyou, will try this! If possible, would you be able to post a screenshot to show the type of wether I can expect?

Of course! I will pm you it.

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Sent you the pm. With two pics.

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I restarted and it worked for me

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Oh, sorry. I didn’t read the problem correctly. I thought it was for regular TS1.

It’s ok, I understand completely. :)

Experiencing the same problem.

Can someone help me?

I am having the same problem. Hopefully a restart can fix it. I’ll do it after work. ;)

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I would restart the app for sure. Also make sure that when you’re flying, no other applications are open and when you open the app and get into your flight, do NOT leave. I’ve noticed that with this update, and prior to global, if you constantly spawn and leave because you forgot to change a livery or something, the app has trouble.

@Josh_Tomaz @jakevaz423

UPDATE: Have restarted device and redownloaded the app; weather now works intermittently for about 30 seconds after take off and then dissapears.

Any dev help/ advice would be greatly appreciated.

I think that there are still teething issues with the servers, hence why things are still a little bit on the shaky side.

The airport weather is surface only, so only on the ground, as you climb the weather changes and is unfortunately not indicated, if you look in the cockpit view there are some live weather indication, or you can change your bottom bar to see all weather indications. After you climb the weather usually clears out.