Weather not updated in sim

Device: IOS
Operating system: IPadOS 16.6.1

I have noticed that the SIM is not producing the correct weather. Sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn’t. I’m taking off out of Philadelphia with a 900 foot overcast in its position like a sunny day.


What server was this on?

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Yeah probably some discrepancies. It can’t be 100% accurate, that would be physically imposible.

I think weather runs on like a 30min delay. Unfortunately, we don’t have 3D clouds yet, so it is very hard to simulate real-world weather. Using the cirrus clouds you can decide how cloudy you want it. If it was foggy at the airport, there would be low visibility replicated in the game.

Unfortunately clouds aren’t simulated with “real world” weather yet. Only winds and visibility. So it could be overcast irl, but you would have to manually set it within infinite flight.

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training server.

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