Weather not showing at all airports

Hi Guys,

The weather seems to be down at all airports in app. When I press on the airport icon it shows up no weather where it should give the weather. Any ideas? Thanks

Btw this is on the Expert Server. IPad Air 3 2019

Hey there!

I’m currently in flight and not experiencing an issue. Have you attempted a good ol’ dandy restart of your device?

I’m inflight atm so that wouldn’t be possible. Other people in a VA are experiencing the same issue too

If you look in the top left corner of your device, do you see an exclamation mark surrounded by a red circle?

Shows as all green on my side

Okay. Interesting. The weather resets at the top of every hour, so wait about 17 minutes and it should reconnect.

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I know the issue to fix this. Restart your device after your flight. Check this here

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He is not able to do that at the moment.

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Has the weather retuned?

i had the same problem over at FMEE and FIMP

Nope, still the same

Hmm. Okay. I’d suggest performing a device restart when able. Sorry for the inconvenience!

I got the problem again with some airports. The issue appeared before restarting my device. After restart, it’s still the same. I got missing weather like (KLAX, KMEM, KBOS, etc.)

Please give it some additional time to resolve itself. Given the nature of the server updates that were happening it may take a little bit for the data to repopulate.

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