Weather not matching reality

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With all due respect for those who work hard at IF, i shall say that after years and years and development, the most important thing of all is still an issue.Look at my screenshots and figure it out yourself.Have a nice day.


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I believe you are referring to the fact that there should be extremely low visibility. This is a known issue and the developers are working to try and resolve it. What you may find is that when you land, the fog starts to roll in as you exit the runway. Also keep in mind that that is only the METAR, which is a report from up to an hour ago. Where as what you see is actual weather, maybe on a 5 minute delay.


Understood, thanks for the clarification.Overall i never get low vis…seems like the the sun is always shining in IF. I know the clouds arent there but the visibility issue shall be fix asap.Many sims are able to reproduce that on tablets therefore is frustrating to see such good sim like IF, HAVING THIS KIND OF LIMITATIONS.


If you fly on Solo and turn the visibility down you’ll see it is still implemented into the sim, but the Live portion and interaction with the METAR is broken at the moment as @InfiniteFlightDeck said.


@Trio… MaxSez: Information is power to the people! App System Maintenance issues are of interest to AlCon. Scheduled & Un- Scheduled System outages and Issues should be the subject of a general announcement posted globally. Pass it on to the “Head Shed”

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Oh no we did, it’s being looked into like @InfiniteFlightDeck said. Very known.


@Trio. MaxSez… LOL! I surmise I’m one of a few who didn’t recognize this “Very Know” issue was on the FDS unpublished “To Do List”. I’m remiss.

Knew I have been Flyin in clear Wx for more than a year+. Seem the last “Front” that caused me to do a CatIII ILS Approach was in 2019 by my Log Book Record.

Do tell, Can “We” (Community) expect closure on this issue this year? Pls pass it on since it appears you and/or @InfiniteFlightDeck have access for a near term Prognosis pls…

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To be honest I would say we can’t expect anything to be really fixed regarding this issue before the completion of Project Metal. If that’s going to be this year or not is a matter of speculation.


This is a known issue where the fog and low visibility don’t appear until you’re really close to the airport. The developers are aware of this issue and they are working on a possible improvement that will hopefully ship in the next update.


@JulianB @Marc , MaxSez: Positive and informative responses which answer the mail. Thank you for weighing in!

(I hold theses truths to be self evident; “Scheduled & Un- Scheduled System outages and Issues should be the subject of a general announcement updated & posted globally,”

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Just to be overly clear here;

We’ve been working on getting this fixed for 20.2.
So far, the results are promising. It’s not perfect at the moment in the testing environment, but much better.


Is wind transition also being worked on? Like if there is a 40 knots wind difference between ground and air.

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That’s not an issue afaik, not in the way that it used to be (it used to mess up rather bad in the transition).

But, without knowing too much… i would say that there’s going to be some improvements to this as well. We will however improve on this over time, it’s on the list :)


Actually it’s just METAR sets in so late that the wind is still changing by the time I’m down to the runway.
And it makes landing much harder.

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glad to hear that Marc !
I often find ground weather . wind speed in particular here in the US to be way off from multiple reporting sources that are consistent in their data

I do realize we are looking at the visual issue here
but I thought I would mention that.

be safe .

At small or big airports?
If there os a problem with big airports then probably a bug. But small airports don’t have metar and just use wind aloft data so that obviously might be off.

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I will pose a question since it is about the weather.
How can I benefit from [GS] ?

@TK2020 I’m sorry I asked another question in your topic here.

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Thanks for working on this!