Weather not changing

Ok so when I load into the live server, the weather is always the same. Currently there are thunderstorms in Rome but still in Rome in IF the weather is 50 visibility and it never changes. any help? The weather is always 50km visibility with 4knt winds


We base our weather information on the reported METAR from the airports, mainly.

As you can see, the current METAR for LIRF is basically the same as you are experiencing on the airport:

Hmmm… OK I guess the METAR is wrong because I am there right now and there are thunderstorms but OK.

The last METAR from LIRF was updated 55 minutes ago. Might have been a big change since.


But this weather is the EXACT same at alll airports

Well, you will have to talk about the airports reporting the incorrect METARs then ;)

As long as we’re in sync with the METARs, there’s not much we can do I’m afraid.

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